In the world that we live in, there are many things that can stress us. Specially right now as we are going through a pandemic. Many of us are facing sudden changes in our personal, social, and professional lives. We are constantly exposed to alarming news, and on top of this, we still have everyday demands. With so much going on, many of us are experiencing heightened levels of stress. This is why it's more important than ever to prioritize reducing our stress. 

Reducing stress will not only allow you to handle challenges in a more effective way, but also prevent mental and physical health problems right now, and in the future.

This mini-course shares 3 simple and practical ways that you can lower your stress, starting today. These are 3 quick and scientifically-proven strategies to combat stress and increase your well-being. 

What you'll learn are:
  • Simple and practical knowledge and strategies to reduce stress
  • 3 quick and effective ways to become more resilient
  • Practical strategies to improve well-being and mental health during difficult times
  • Better ability to deal with stress
This mini-course is for you if:
  • You want to lower your stress or overwhelm
  • You are a busy professional and looking for fast and efficient methods
  • You want to become more resilient in the face of stress and increase your well-being
  • You are interested in using scientifically-proven strategies
  • You are interested in learning about psychology (the mind) as it relates to stress and mental health
This mini-course is not for you if:
  • You are not ready or willing to take action
  • Not interested in scientific methods or psychology (learning about the mind)
  • Looking for a long and comprehensive course on stress management
Total time to complete mini-course: 40 minutes

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Leyla Bagheri

Hi, I’m Leyla Bagheri

I'm a well-being and performance coach with a Psychology Masters degree. 

I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to understanding the factors that promote psychological well-being and optimal performance. I have presented at seven international psychology conference, am an advisory board member at the Mental Health Support Network (MHSN), a member of the Canadian Psychological Association, and have published empirical research.

I take a holistic and evidence-based approach to wellness and performance to bring you the best results in reaching your personal and professional goals.

My ultimate goal is to prevent the widespread suffering created by mental health challenges, and empower people to feel and perform at their best.

What people have to say about working with Leyla:

"Leyla basically saved my life...she got me to believe in myself. She gave me hope and got me to take action and be accountable to myself." _CEO of Mental Health Organization

"This has completely transformed my life and mode of thinking from being on the defensive to becoming carefree." _Mazen, Business Owner

"I feel at peace, and accepting of everything in the moment. Thank you!" _Mojgan, Business Owner

"Before working with Leyla, I was in severe clinical depression for over a year. Leyla helped me get my life back." _Anonymous, Physician